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I grew up in Southern California in El Segundo, a small town just south of the LAX airport.  As an only child of a single mom, I grew up with quite a bit of independence.  My mother taught me the values of discipline, honesty, integrity and responsibility as she worked hard as both a mother and a lawyer.  

As a teenager I developed a unique gift.  While I may not have experienced certain things myself growing up, I was able to give advice to others that worked for them.  I was a coach and I didn’t even know it.  I headed to University of Puget Sound for college where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  In 2001 my life took a bit of a turn when I had my first child at the age of 24.  Not quite the plan but wouldn’t change it. Over the next years, I had two more children.  With the support of my then husband, I  stayed home and raised them until my youngest was in 5th grade.  I stayed busy outside of the home though volunteering at my kid’s schools. I also became a certified massage therapist while pregnant with my son and a certified childbirth coach while pregnant with my second daughter.  

The year 2020 became a difficult year for many and I too, had my share of disappointments. My husband of 20 years asked for a divorce that led me into a deep introspection of who I am and who I want to be.  A light soon became so bright that I could no longer ignore my true purpose.  I became a TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACH!  

And now my mission is to Empower Others To Dream Out Loud!

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