Are you struggling in your life to move forward? Are you ready to let go of those things that are holding you back? Individual coaching is a great way to receive personalized attention to work on the issues coming up in your life. Individual coaching centers on the areas in your life that you are struggling with.  Some categories may be life purpose, mindset, goals and habits. The topics are endless.  As a coach, I key in on the change you truly desire and remove your emotional blocks so that you can achieve your goals.  

I offer a 3 month coaching package that includes 9 coaching sessions.  These session last on average about 60 minutes.  You will be given action steps each week to solidify the coaching for the session.  Another option for those who have specific issue they would like to remove from their life is “Barrier Breakthrough”.  This is a 5 session program where we dive deep into the core issue keeping you from creating the life you want and peel away at the layers until your issue is no longer a concern and you can finally move forward in your life.

I only work with a handful of coaching clients on an individual basis.  If you are interested in working one-to-one with me, click the button below to set up a discovery session.


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