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Your Transformation is my Mission


Lotus Sage Coaching offers  coaching specific to your needs.  Are you stuck and don’t see how to move through it?  Perhaps you know what you want but not sure how to make it happen.  That is where I come in.  Through a deep understanding of what is holding you back, I help you release the emotional blocks of past and/or current experiences or mindsets that are keeping you from where you wish to be.  I then guide you in creating an action plan that is simple so that it is achievable.  My goal is to help my clients create lasting change and to do that we must work in steps to create the habits that will stay. By taking the time to truly hear my client, I can focus on what will work for them to get their desired outcome.  My client’s success is my success.  As I often tell my clients, celebrate the tiny wins that build up to the big wins!


Lotus Sage Coaching also offers a one of a kind coaching technique called Blueprint Breakthrough.  As seen on Netflix’s Sex, Love & Goop, I help my clients transform their sex lives into what they want.  The first step is to learn your personal erotic blueprint.  From there, we will dive deeper into each blueprint.  You will learn what your body truly desires.  You will learn to feed your blueprint, speak your blueprint, heal yourself and finally expand even more fully into your blueprint.  You will also learn how to do all these things for your partner leading to a more fulfilling and fun intimate life with yourself and your partner.  

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Know Your Pleasure
Own Your Pleasure
Live Your Pleasure

90 Day Journal

This structured journal provides a daily template for gratitudes, mindfulness, highlight of the day and a daily inspirational quote. Are you ready to live a life that is not just fulfilling but also productive? If so, view this journal with the option to buy by clicking on the link below.

What coaching CAN give you?

Someone You Can Trust

Know you have someone in your corner. As a certified coach, I have the training, experience and tools to help you reach your goals.  I believe in coaching so much that I have my own coaches.

Achievable Plan

Plans only work when action is involved.  This isn’t theory and textbooks.  I use proven techniques to help you create a plan that works for you.  We will create actions each session that keep you on track moving towards your goal.


Results You Can Measure

Money matters and you want to see results that are measurable.  By using the Lotus Sage Client Portal, you will be able to measure your actions, goals, habits and more.


What Clients are Saying:

When working with Michelle, you better be ready for alot of energy! Not only was she gracious to take me on pro-Bono, she completely helped me change my mindset on money! I now have a changed outlook on my monies as to how I spend it, how I save it, how I look at it spiritually and emotionally and most importantly my relationship overall with my monies. She is very insightful, gave great advise and was not scared to dive into her personal life to to give me a better outlook! My overall experience in working with Michelle was a A++. Thank to her help, I am now on my way to a bigger and better journey with my family. Thank you Michelle!!

Brandon H. (Money Mgmt. Coaching)