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Are you struggling

  • With feeling empowered in your sexuality?
  • To truly enjoy sex?
  • With shame and guilt around your sexuality?
  • To feel safe and vulnerable with your partner?
  • To tell your partner what you want sexually in your relationship?
I invite you to step into the full realization of who you are; to become your Embodied Sexual Self. To live a life that feels purposeful, joyful, creative, and in alignment with your true Self!

It's not your fault & you are not alone.

You were born a sexual being.   Over time and after years (society, family, etc.) of being told what you “should” and "should not" do,  our bodies have closed off to what we are meant to experience. I invite you now to remember how beautiful, empowered and fierce you really are. Our bodies are meant to feel pleasure and that pleasure can move us into our purpose and a betting way of living when we are open to it.

Supporting you in your re-discovery of Your Embodied Self.  Your sexuality is not shameful! Your soul is waiting for you to take action, to move through the conditioning and past patterns that have kept you from fully being YOU. I welcome you to this journey of reclaiming your power and your sexuality. No longer settle for less than you deserve!


When you live the true and beautiful story of who you are, then you have the energy and clarity to serve at your highest level. But first, you must become aware of the very things that are holding you back, remove those patterns, and create the habits that put you in alignment with your creative energy. It's time to put you in alignment with your body, mind and soul.
Imagine …
  1. Having relationships that actually see and honor you, and letting go of relationships filled with judgement that don’t allow you to be your full self.
  2. Healing or removing relationships in your life that have kept you stuck in patterns that do not serve your true self.
  3. Choosing healthy habits and activities that support your wellness, sexuality and vitality on every level.
  4. Doing work you love that gives you energy instead of draining your energy.
  5. Removing all shame and guilt around sex so that you can experience the full embodiment of who you are.
  6. Showing up in a way that is authentic to you and giving yourself the grace to be human when you aren’t at your best.
I am passionate about guiding women into becoming their authentic self.  I use my intuitive abilities to help my clients get honest with themselves. To break up with old patterns that no longer serve them.  I use my knowledge and experience as a transformational guide to move my clients towards living a more empowered life where they are true to their Spirt, Mind and Body.  I offer practical and insightful steps to rediscover their value and self-worth. When you connect with your own innate gifts, you empower not just yourself but those around you! 


Your Human Design chart is a blueprint, bringing you back into alignment with the truth of who you are. This is a great starting point for bringing awareness into who you are meant to be.  It can help identify where conditioning has played a part in you living inauthentically, reconnect you to your purpose and energy needs, and realign you with your purpose and best decision-making strategies. You deserve to feel seen and heard and honored for being your authentic self and to understand your gifts for this world.  We all have them and yours are unique to you and are waiting to be expressed. Your chart is the first step in discovering once again what you are here to do in your life. 

Sage Coaching integrates Human Design, Life and Soul Purpose Coaching, and Emotional Freedom Technique Coaching (aka, Tapping) to create a empowered change in who you are. I focus on past patterns and conditioning that is no longer serving you in living your best life. I welcome you into a space that is safe for your to truly be honest with yourself while supporting you on this journey.  You will become aware of patterns and conditioning that are ready to be released which will put you in alignment with who your authentic self is.  Through this process I will encourage you to give yourself grace as you create foundations and prepare yourself to write your new empowered narrative of WHO YOU ARE at the Soul level. While my focus is on empowerment in your sexuality, my clients come to me for a myriad of issues that they are ready to let go of.


90 Day Journal

Our mind influences how we learn, how we feel and how we accomplish things in our life.  When we change the wiring in our brain, extra-ordinary things can happen.  Complete the first page in the morning to start your day in a positive mindset.  Complete the second page in the evening to reflect on your day and prepare for the day ahead.  Remember, the key is consistency.
Each day includes a daily gratitude, journaling and inspirational quotes to help keep you motivated.  Start your journal with a self-assessment of where you are now and a habit tracker.  Each month you will reflect on what has happened over the past 30 days and at the end of the 90 days you will have the opportunity to reassess where you are now.

Are you ready to live a life that is not just fulfilling but also productive? If so, click on one of the links below to purchase this journal.  

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