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I am a Female Empowerment and Sexuality Coach with a passion for moving women into a place of empowerment, authenticity, and true knowingness of who they are.  I started my journey of healing over 35 years ago and didn’t even know it. As a pre-teen I experienced moments of what can only be known as an intuitive awareness.  I seemed to know or have knowledge on topics I knew nothing about.  I could give advice to others based on what they needed. This talent wasn’t typical and so I became known as the girl who was different and very quickly hid this gift away because no teenager really wants to be unique.  Middle school and high school were rough for me but I made it through due to my love of music and academics.   While receiving my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Puget Sound. I was fascinated with how the mind worked. After college I continued studying the mind-body connection and moved into bodywork, specifically massage therapy.  I learned every modality offered at that time and continued my bodywork education into energy clearing and finding pain in the body without the need of touch.  

During this time, I became the mother to 3 amazing kiddos.  I was given the gift, through my family’s support, to stay home and raise these beautiful children until my youngest was almost done with elementary school.  I continued to expand my knowledge during this time receiving a certification in childbirth education and volunteering for 12 years at my children’s schools and PTA.   I did so much with the PTA that I earned the Golden Oak Award, the highest award the PTA gives to its volunteers.   I learned valuable skills collaborating and leading in this capacity that have served me well for many years. 

In 2020, my world crashed down around me.  My then-husband and I separated after 20 years of marriage. I couldn’t seem to figure out who I was if I wasn’t taking care of my kids and husband.  That is what I did! I took care of people.  I had been doing this for over 20 years and during all this time I didn’t even notice I was struggling and exhausted and honestly, burnt out.  I felt alone but couldn’t ask for help because that would be weakness and when I did gather up the courage to ask my then husband for help I was given silence, abandonment and rejection. At the age of 42 I started having body issues after a fall injured my back, hip and pelvis. I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until 3 years later as I was still moving through life without rest and restoration. 

For two years I fought through every emotion there was available, trying to find me again (my kids thought I was crazy at times); to figure out who I am and what is my purpose.  This lead me to my passion – helping women move into a place of empowerment to be their most authentic self, no filter, no mask, just us. I believe everyone deserves to be seen, heard and loved.  To find our tribe where we can be authentically ourselves.   To feel safe and secure not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Learning Human Design moved me out of one of the toughest challenges in my life and into alignment with my Life and Soul Purpose. Knowing my energy type and strategy has allowed me to change my interactions and coaching with others.  My experiences now align with what I want in my life and that self-care and vitality are a must in my world.  Human design has been a game changer in my life and I want to help others have the experience of understanding their purpose and value in their life.

I have received several certifications, including Master Life Coach and Business Coach but nothing gives me more pride than being a certified Human Design Specialist and a Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner. I use my knowledge and experience to help my clients release patterns that no longer serve them and to write a new empowered narrative that is true to their authentic self.

When I am not busy helping my clients, you can find me in my kitchen cooking, on the softball field or spending time with friends and family.  I still have a strong passion to learn and so I can often be found with a book in my hand or listening to an audible while walking my beautiful fur-baby, Daisy.


Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner
Human Design Specialist
Soul PUrpose / Spiritual Coach
Master Life Coach
Blueprint Breakthrough Coach 
Business Coach 
Accelerated Evolution Coach
Holobody Coach
Lifebook Leader

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